For our second collaboration with Daphne Joy, we really wanted to create a vibrant energy, meaningful collection using lively colors. It was a no brainer that we decided to name this collection BORACAY. Inspired by Daphne’s homeland, Philippines! Boracay is one of Daphne’s favorite islands in the Philippines. From the white sandy beaches, to the tropical habitat, clear blue waters, exotic fruits, pink and purple sunsets, and just the overall feeling of good energy and joy you feel from the locals and being on the island. It is something truly magical! We wanted to exude that same feeling in each piece, all of the hardware and luxurious vibrant colors were hand chosen by us to represent the tropical feel of Boracay! Also, in true island fashion, all the bikinis are Tini for the ultimate Tan! Each piece can be mixed or matched and you too can feel like you have a piece of the island with you. We hope you love it just as much as we do!

With much love, Daphne Joy & L’ANIMAL. 


We are excited to introduce BÄDĒ SUIT, our latest L'ANIMAL x MORGAN OSMAN collection. You thought we were going to stop at swim? You've asked us time and time again for Ready-to-Wear, and so it's here! We have more in store for you this year but, it was clear to start with BÄDĒ SUIT. We all know Morgan is the bodysuit Queen, so we bring you these elevated essentials to enhance and contour your natural shape and silhouette. Perfect for everyday wear, stretchy, breathable and flattering. Designed to feel sexy and unstoppable. Make a statement in our must have luxury BÄDĒ suits. 


After three incredibly successful collections, L’ANIMAL and Morgan Osman bring you our 4th collection, “Untamed.” Over the last year we have worked together to keep getting better. We’ve grown as a team and love to see each other win. Untamed represents Morgan in every way.  To be untamed is to be fearless, uncontrolled, wild and free. She walks her own path and is not afraid to stand on her own. This collection will have you feeling bold and sexy - Be adventurous. Be untamed.